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Disorderly Conduct FAQ

Disorderly Conduct FAQ:

Disorderly conduct is a misdemeanor that can include a variety of actions. In Minnesota, it’s any conduct that you can reasonably expect to alarm, anger, or disturb the peace of others or the public. It can include fighting, disturbing a lawful assembly, or being boisterous or offensive.

What are the most common acts charged as Disorderly Conduct?

Disorderly conduct commonly refers to brawling, being obscene, damaging property, playing loud music, revving a noisy car engine, or disturbing a lawful meeting or assembly.

Who decides if conduct is disorderly?

The jury will ultimately decide, if a charge goes to trial. Prior to that, an objective standard is used: would a reasonable person find the conduct disorderly?

How do you win a disorderly conduct case?

My firm will investigate the situation and tell the story. Disorderly conduct is considered a fact-intensive charge. The details of the incident must be made clear for the jury and judge to understand that a reasonable person would not have expected the defendant’s actions to alarm, anger, or disturb others.