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You don’t have to let a criminal charge ruin your life because you cannot come up with full payment when you need representation. Shek Law LLC partners with QuickFee to offer flexible and interest-free payment plans and help make your defense most affordable. No credit checks or approval are necessary. Regardless of credit, you are eligible to spread the partial or full cost of your fees over four monthly payments.

I recognize that hiring a DWI defense attorney is an unexpected expense, and we know how difficult these times can be for you. Nothing matters more than the actual results of your case, and Shek Law LLC is dedicated to fighting for your rights and finding your most favorable outcome. Payment plans offer all clients an opportunity to lessen the blow of legal costs over time without paying interest. Avoid placing fees on a high-interest credit card or high-interest financing offered by other firms. The ability to serve a wide range of clients and offer my services to those in financial difficulty is crucial to me.