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Shek Law LLC | Minnesota DWI & Criminal Defense Attorney
(DWI) & (DUI) FAQs | DWI Attorney | Shek Law LLC


Getting pulled over means being stopped by a police officer for an...
MN Criminal Defense / Appeals Attorney | Maxwell Shek


Each class of burglary is defined by many intricate details, and the...
DANCO Violation | Minnesota DWI & Criminal Defense Attorney | Shek Law LLC

DANCO Violation

For those who have received a DANCO, understanding your rights and responsibilities...
Dishonored Check Minnesota | Dishonored Check Penalty MN | Shek Law LLC

Dishonored Check

Minnesota Statute 609.535 (Dishonored Check Statute) states, “Whoever issues a check which,...
Disorderly Conduct | MN DWI Attorney | Shek Law LLC

Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct is a misdemeanor that can include a variety of actions....
Domestic Violence Attorney | Shek Law LLC

Domestic Violence / Assault

A first-degree felony assault can land you behind bars for up to...
Drug Crimes Attorney MN | Shek Law LLC

Drug Crimes

Minnesota law has a multitude of statutes related to drugs. What you’re...
Expungement Minnesota | Shek Law LLC


The Minnesota legislature recently passed statutes allowing more people to expunge or...
petition for restoration of firearm rights | restoration of firearm rights mn | Shek Law LLC

Firearm Restoration

A petition for restoration of firearm rights may be needed after a...
HRO Defense | Harassment Restraining Order Defense Attorney

HRO Defense

Being on the receiving end of a Harassment Restraining Order in MN...
Minnesota Juvenile Attorney | Shek Law LLC


When your child is charged with a crime, it can be an...
Murder and Homicide | MN Criminal Defense Attorney | Shek Law LLC

Murder and Homicide

Homicide charges require time and dedication to investigate every fact of your...
Order for Protection (OFP) Defense | Shek Law LLC

OFP Defense

Receiving an Minnesota Order for Protection can cause nightmares. Oftentimes, you may...
Probation Violations | Shek Law LLC DWI and Criminal Defense

Probation Violations

Thinking you might have violated your probation? Your next steps can make...
Sex Crimes Defense & Appeals Attorney | Shek Law LLC

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes carry a variety of harsh penalties. The penalty you face...
Traffic Tickets Attorney | Shek Law LLC

Traffic Tickets

While they may seem like something you can ignore, traffic tickets can...
Minnesota Vehicular Homicide Attorney | Shek Law LLC

Vehicular Homicide

Criminal vehicular homicide is a serious charge. You need an attorney who...
DWI Attorney | Max Shek
DWI Defense

DWI is a serious crime in Minnesota. Your best defense requires a time-intensive and forceful approach. Using a flat-fee rate enables me to spend every second necessary on your case to put you at ease.  You don’t have to worry about being billed for unnecessary hours of work. As part of my process, I start by providing every client a copy of the arresting officer’s police report, which is often a useful tool in weakening the state’s case.  I will guide you through every aspect of your legal matter and fight to take advantage of all of your rights and your defense’s facts.

Criminal Defense Attorney | Max Shek | Shek Law LLC
Criminal Defense

Criminal defense is an immense field. The state can subject you or a loved one to a plethora of charges. You surely need an attorney ready to investigate, research, and employ a thorough personalized approach to your representation — Shek Law LLC perfectly fits the bill. I've represented clients in a a wide array of criminal matters. Please take a look at my practice areas and call to schedule a free consultation to learn more about why my approach can help you. To me, attorneys who practice exclusively in DWIs often lack a necessary skill set, including a true threat of trial, to achieve the best results.

Minnesota Appeals Attorney | Max Shek

Appeals require a unique approach to client representation. When it comes to appeals, you need someone who will, with great detail, comb through all of the facts and ensure you had a fair trial. In addition to identifying common trial errors, I take an inside-out approach. If something feels wrong, I vigorously search through law and precedent to constitutional or other violations to ensure that your rights aren’t violated. Your defense attorney must empathize with you and honestly believe that your rights should be protected to reach your desired result. Be assured; I’ll provide value for your money.

Minnesota Business Counseling Attorney | Max Shek
Business Counseling

While I focus my current practice on Criminal Defense, I come from a business background. Prior to becoming a DWI and Criminal Defense attorney, I earned an MBA from Carlson School of Management and worked for one of the largest financial institutions in the world. I have served as lead counsel for a medical practice and an engineering firm. I am not currently taking on further businesses as clients, but feel free to check back at a later date.

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