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What To Do When You Have an Active Warrant in MN

Dealing with an active warrant can be stressful and confusing. Nobody wants to end up in handcuffs. Whether you’re facing a misdemeanor warrant or navigating an out-of-state-warrant, understanding the process and your options is crucial. Remember that you don’t have to face this alone, and that a lawyer like myself is here to not only help you get through it but understand exactly what’s going on. We’re going to go over some legal terms such as Motion to Quash and answer some questions about warrants in MN. 

How Do You Address an Active Warrant in MN Without Turning Yourself In?

So, you’ve found out that you have a warrant in MN. What’s next? I know that the last thing you want to do is turn yourself in, so let’s try to avoid that. I also understand that it would be great if there was a magical answer that didn’t involve an attorney and the expenses that go along with that. With that being said, you’re going to need an attorney. 

While you may think that researching online can save you from needing an attorney, most prosecutors won’t respond to your situation from a non-attorney. This is because there’s a lot of liability around a prosecutor talking to underrepresented defendants. It makes little sense to them to help someone out that they likely set out the warrant for, right? Most of the time, without proper representation, they’ll ignore you. 

So, as I said before, your best bet is to have an attorney contact them for you. There are many different ways to go about this that will avoid you having to turn yourself in. I’ve personally had cases where not only can we take care of the warrant, but we can resolve the case at the same time without the client ever appearing in court. 

When you have an attorney, it also shows the court and the prosecutor that you’re ready to resolve the case. I have found that prosecutors don’t like dealing with an unrepresented defendant. They have to explain everything to them, which can be tricky ethically as the opposing party. At the end of the day, the whole thing becomes a nightmare for everyone involved if there’s no attorney with an MN active warrant.  

What is a Motion to Quash Warrant in MN?

If you’ve been faced with a warrant, you’ve likely heard the terms ‘quash’ or ‘squash’ thrown around. Often after a case, my clients will tell me how relieved they are that I got their warrant ‘squashed.’ While squash and quash have similar meanings, it is called a Motion to Quash. This is a request for the court to effectively get rid of the warrant and set a court date. Quashing the warrant can also be called recalling the MN active warrant. 

How Long Do Warrants Last in MN?

Your next question is probably how long will this thing last, and the answer is indefinitely. All a warrant does is put a case on pause until you do something about it. Let’s look at an example of an out of state case I handled. 

I just resolved a case for a Ramsey Court MN warrant. My client was in ICE custody at the time of his sentencing hearing. So, he didn’t show up and a warrant was issued. That was in 2009. In 2023, I was able to use the strategy we just discussed and resolved the case. We were able to quash the warrant quickly. The best part is my client never even had to leave California. We were able to take care of everything on Zoom. 

If I Turn Myself In, Can I Just Pay Cash?

Everyone is always looking for an easy fix, so you might think that walking in and paying cash can resolve your warrant. The answer to this question always depends. You’d need a consultation with an attorney like myself who will be able to tell you very quickly whether this is an option or not. 

Sometimes an attorney can negotiate an agreement with a prosecutor to add a cash amount to an active warrant in MN. in Minnesota, attorneys often refer to these warrants as body-only. This doesn’t always mean you’ll be released. It only means that you’ll see a judge according to the rules of criminal procedure. The judge will then decide whether to set a bail amount depending on the circumstances. In probation violations, they don’t have to. In non-capital offenses, they do. 

Final Thoughts

Dealing with a warrant is never fun, and you can’t ignore it to make it go away. If you’re dealing with an active warrant in MN, contact me today for a consultation. 

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